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"I lost my sister, the day my son was born, dealt with postpartum depression and anxiety, transitioned from relationships, gained 60lbs and was at one of my lowest states in my life, but I was determined to turn my beautiful struggle into a meaningful, new journey."


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A Moment of Uncertainty

February 19, 2015




Question: What are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for the moment of uncertainty I just had. I found myself feeling emotional, talking to God, trying to understand his path for my life. I yearn for something greater, to be my own boss, to inspire people, and to trust my intuition and follow my heart. Well, given my current situation, I wasn't sure if that would happen. When money is tight and you have bills to pay the idea of taking a risk and investing into something not sure of where it will take you is frightening! I asked God to talk to me. I always ask, "What do you want me to do?" I have a desire to pursue one thing yet my situation says you can't take that risk. I am scared, I question what if I will fail, what if I wasted money I could have used on a bill, but then I listen to the desire I have deep down inside. It is is so hard to explain but that yearning and desire tells me this is not how your life will be. Working jobs I don't love just to make ends meet while wishing I could pursue something I have always wanted to... No that's not what you're going to do, but what do I do?


I had TD Jakes playing in the background. I was listening to one of his sermons and then I began to pray. I talked to God and asked for help and guidance. I asked God to talk back to me and let me know what direction I should go. I listened to TD Jake's talk about finding the courage to pursue your purpose (see video below) and that's when I decided to log onto my website to see if anyone has started my Gratitude Challenge. No one commented yet, however I saw something that shocked me! The amount of people that signed up for my website doubled in a day and I reached 7000 views on my YouTube video in 5 weeks. I yearn to simply create and inspire. Knowing that people are interested in my site and video means a lot. Do I give up now since no one has commented? NO... I reach out and continue to notify others about my challenge. I will continue to push for the very things I want in life trusting that God is getting ready to birth something so great and that my path is not the path of others. Moments when I am unsure God shows me something to ignite my motivation again. That is what I am grateful for today! Thank you to everyone that has signed up on my website! #AuthenticInspires





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The Best Vegan Spaghetti & Meat Sauce Recipe

July 8, 2019

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