Goals Challenge!

November 11, 2015


I have created a step-by-step challenge to help you accomplish your goals in life and reward yourself for accomplishing them! Do you want a more rewarding life doing the things you need to or always wanted to do? Well I challenge you to accept the challenge below. Let's get started!


Take at least an hour and do the following:


1) Write a goal list (short and/or long term)

2) Write a list of the things that make you happy

3) Set a date to complete at least one of the goals on your sheet.

4) Document your feelings before completing the goal. (Were you excited about completing it? Did you want to quit? Were you scared of accomplishing the goal by yourself?) Then end with a positive reinforcement statement!

5) Now complete your goal! (You can do it!)

6) Document how you felt after completing your goal 

7) Pat yourself on the back and say out loud "I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR COMPLETING MY GOAL!)

8) Then smile lovely and treat yourself to one of the things that makes you happy on your 'Happy Rewards List'



- Must Complete your goal before moving on to a new goal.

- Must Write 1-3 sentences stating the first thing that comes to your mind before the goal. (Thoughts statement)

- Must Write at least 1 positive-reinforcement statement after your thought(s) statement.

- Must Write 3 or more positive statements only after completing your goal.

- Must treat yourself to one thing on your "Happy Rewards List" :) (Your reward can be repeated for another goal)




My Goals:                                                                

1) Submit "insert name" application by Nov. 13th

2) Organize closet by Nov 15th

3) Travel to Africa by Sept. 2016


Happy List:

1) Shopping at Macy’s

2) Going to the zoo

3) Cooking a healthy meal for myself while indulging in my favorite TV show


Journal 11/11 - Goal 1 Task

(Thoughts) I do not feel like submitting this application. It has been a long day. I don't know if I will even get the job. (Positive Reinforcement) Although I may feel this way I AM going to submit the "insert name" application by 11/13 because I know that I AM capable and deserve more for myself.


Journal 11/13- Goal 1 Complete

(Positive Reinforcement Only) I submitted the "insert name" application! I answered every question thoroughly and to the best of my ability. I AM so proud of myself for completing the application.


Happy List Reward- a home cooked meal on a Saturday night while indulging in an episode of Scandal.


Inspiration: If you have to start out small that is OKAY! It is important to learn to develop a good habit first. Sometimes we must start off small by accomplishing a goal then acknowledge the steps and progress we took to accomplish that goal. This will teach you to hold yourself accountable, be disciplined and do what you really want to do for yourself. It also shows you self-empowerment by encouraging yourself and giving yourself permission to be great and better than you were before. As you tackle these goals try to think more positive thoughts as well.


I would love to hear and see your journey. Feel free to submit a post/video on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #AuthenticInspires. Tag three people on social media to participate in this challenge with you!


Connect with me on:

Facebook + Instagram: @IAmTiffanyShanell

YouTube: Tiffany Shanell

Twitter: @TiffShanell

Email: IAmTiffanyShanell@gmail.com



Much love,


Tiffany Shanell


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